Jackie Fernandes presents Yoga Inc.

Workplace stress is the #1 cause for stress among individuals. The results of this stress not only impacts an organization's productivity but also their bottom line. Studies show that offering a mindfulness and yoga programs in the workplace not onlyOffer a different kind of wellness increases your bottom line but also improves morale, reduces stress, increases productivity, reduces absenteeism due to illness and  prevents injuries that occur due to repetitive motion. 

Yoga Inc. creates customized fitness, mindfulness, and yoga programs, and workshops that focus on balancing emotional, mental and physical health. Most employees don't take their vacation days or take advantage of wellness programs that occur outside of the workplace. Their days are full as it is and the ability to take time for themselves is not convenient and overwhelming.

My mission is to bring wellness to the workplace. My mission is to help organizations bring convenient wellness options to the workplace. Wellness options that address the whole-being, mind, body, and soul. We offer 30, 45, or 60 min onsite group programs, 1:1 private sessions and customized workshops that address skills like leadership, collaboration, trust, and many more. Please contact us today for a complimentary session.

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